5 tips for building a company culture that lasts

October 29, 2020

I will never forget the moment when I saw the job post on LinkedIn for our company Moovs Digital. I was instantly hooked. I immediately knew what my employer would represent. It was creative, colourful and vibrant, the kind of fresh air that I really needed back in 2017. When I heard the good news that I got the job, I was so excited to be part of this amazing team, that I went home, jumped in my car and drove to my workplace to submit by resignation before even receiving the official offer. I will never ever regret this decision, a whole new world opened for me and I’ve made friends for life amid the existing employees and strong alumni network.

I consider myself a true MoovStar and I will always be, no matter what will happen to me in the future. It’s a strong bond linking us altogether, even if we are not on the same page, we will always protect and have a sweet spot in our hearts for this company. Since this topic is so close to my heart, it is easy but yet so hard to describe just in 5 points how you can build and maintain this invisible force called culture, but I will give it my best.

1. The boutique model

It’s crucial to maintain a boutique company feel and culture even if you are a corporate with thousands of employees. It creates a family atmosphere, a home where you can be free, shine equally and not get lost in the crowd. Everyone is able to dream big and make the shared vision a reality, which frees us to create impactful solutions for our clients. In small companies you also get to know everyone: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Having a 360-degree view might sound scary but it’s a necessary step for your growth. It brings us closer; we can learn and help each other to become the better group and version of ourselves.

2. Employee ownership not hierarchies

Hierarchical organisational structures might seem necessary for bigger corporations to globally manage a high number of employees. However, it has its limitations. Decision making is much slower, it tends to give a narrow view about your employees due to the separation, which can be very demotivating and time consuming for your employees from time to time. Usually for creative people it’s a big red flag lah. A flat organisation gives the opportunity to have an open, honest, effective and direct communication in place, so you can quickly react and adjust to every situation. It’s much easier and stress free when you eliminate the unnecessary hierarchical boundaries. However, this also means more responsibility at all levels, nonetheless it boosts productivity and improves employee satisfaction.

3. Equal opportunity

It’s our pride and mission to treat everyone equally and to have a safe place of work at the same time. Especially in today’s world culture we have so much love to give. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sex, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. We believe being different is part of what makes and every one of us unique. Diversity is so important because when a variety of ages, skills, personalities, cultures, and life experiences come together, a happy and successful workforce is established. Moovs Digital encourages individuals to embrace diversity and to be true to themselves. Through open communication and understanding of the practical importance of multiple perspectives, we can cultivate a workplace that engages employees and drives innovation.

4. Breathe your culture

A well-written culture code clarifies upfront where our culture stands for including the values that unite us.. Our code presents our significant fundamentals: our company vision, mission, value and our beliefs, principles of behaviour and employee expectations. It’s not just a document, it is a driving force that unites the organisation and inspires entrepreneurship.

”One of our main rules is to avoid negative and toxic behaviour at all cost, to protect our employees from any harm.”

Life is too short to waste time and energy on hate, we rather spend time with people who inspire us, whose goal is to build rather than destroy.

5. Fun, Fun, Fun

This collection of “crazy” individuals loves to socialise and spend time together when we are at work or not, it’s crucial to include fun elements to our everyday routine. Creating memories through being together, that’s what family is. We follow many traditions, we celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries together, during Bonjour Picnic we share breakfast meals, we play Oscars games, arcade games, football, darts and VR or video games, have rooftop parties, attend events, concerts and festivals and finish the week with a usual beer/pub night. Or just simply cuddle and pet the dogs of our colleagues. The company always makes time to surprise the employees with little nice treats during the holidays. (Easter, Halloween, Christmas/New Year) The fun time invitation also applies to former colleagues, friends and family members.


Culture is something that evolves over time and it needs to be repeated, shared, and valued because over the years there can be multiple shifts within your organisation. Our standards ensure everyone contributes and has ownership, to work as a team, to share knowledge and skills in-house to make the best decision every day. We rather walk the talk than walk the walk with a desire to bring together something special to the world.

If you think you are also a MoovStar:

  • A highly intellectual;
  • Who exercise great creativity;
  • Who is Very Bold, Brave and Dynamic;
  • Driven by Curiosity;
  • A Progressive artisan

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