Customizing Stock Vector Graphics for eLearning to Meet Client Needs

May 22, 2024

In the world of eLearning and digital content creation, visuals play a crucial role in engaging and educating audiences. One of the tools we often rely on is stock vector graphics. They offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for many projects. However, the real magic happens when we customize these graphics to meet the specific tastes and requirements of our clients.

Why Customize Stock Vectors?

Stock vector graphics are designed to be generic enough to appeal to a wide range of users. While this is great for broad applicability, it often means these graphics might not perfectly align with a client's unique brand identity or specific needs. By customizing these vectors, we can create a more tailored and impactful visual experience. 

Here’s how we do it:

1. Modifying Colors

Colors are a fundamental aspect of any brand's identity. By adjusting the colors of stock vector graphics, we ensure that they align with the client’s branding guidelines. Whether it’s matching the exact shade of the company’s logo or adapting the palette to evoke the desired emotions, color customization is a powerful tool.

2. Adjusting Poses and Orientation

Stock vectors often come with standard poses and orientations. We can modify these to better fit the context of the content. For instance, changing the direction a character is facing or adjusting their posture can make a scene more dynamic and relevant.

3. Adding or Deleting Elements

To better fit a specific narrative or setting, we might need to add new elements to the scene or remove unnecessary ones. This ensures that every component of the graphic serves a purpose and enhances the overall message.

4. Changing Facial Expressions and Hairstyles

Facial expressions and hairstyles can significantly alter the perceived emotion and personality of characters in vector graphics. By tweaking these details, we can better convey the intended tone, whether it's professional, friendly, serious, or playful. Moreover, we make the characters related to the target audience persona.

5. Tailoring Attire and Accessories

Sometimes, a small change in clothing or the addition of an accessory can make a graphic more relatable and on-brand. This might involve adding a company uniform, incorporating industry-specific gear, or even modernizing outfits to keep up with current trends.

Before and After: A Visual Transformation

To illustrate the impact of these customizations, we’ve included a before-and-after image showcasing the transformation of a stock vector graphic. The ‘before’ image represents the original stock graphic, while the ‘after’ image highlights the various adjustments made to align it with the client’s needs.

In the 'before' image, you'll notice standard characters and settings, typical of many stock graphics. In the 'after' image, we’ve made several changes:

  1. The characters' attire and hairstyles have been updated according to the brief.
  2. Poses and orientations have been adjusted to create a more engaging interaction.
  3. The color scheme has been altered to match the client's brand palette.
  4. Additional elements were added, and some unnecessary ones removed to streamline the scene.

These changes might seem subtle, but they collectively contribute to a more cohesive and personalized visual that resonates better with the intended audience.


Customizing stock vector graphics is a valuable practice that elevates the quality and effectiveness of digital content. It allows us to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every visual element aligns perfectly with their brand and message. By paying attention to details such as colors, poses, expressions, and additional elements, we can transform generic stock graphics into powerful, bespoke visuals that truly stand out.

At Moovs Digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and enhance stock graphics, delivering tailored solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. If you’re interested in seeing how customized visuals can elevate your eLearning projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch!